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Visit this site often to find out any and all information on the exciting new FivePoint Valencia community! “FivePoint Valencia?” Wasn’t this just named “Net Zero Newhall?” Or didn’t I hear something about, “Newhall Ranch?” Yes and yes.

Although the name has been changed multiple times, it looks like they’ve settled on “FivePoint Valencia.” Hailed as the first Net Zero Emissions community in the nation, this lovely new neighborhood will include 10,000 acres of open space, energy-efficient residences, 50 miles of new trails, and vehicle charging stations throughout the community.

This enchanting community was created by Emile Haddad, the Chairman and CEO of Five Point Holdings, LLC, the largest developer of mixed-use communities in coastal California. Having been raised during a Civil War in Lebanon, Emile experienced years with no water, no electricity, no gas and sometimes no food. Despite this and other hardships, after studying engineering, moving to the United States, and working multiple jobs, Emile worked his way up at Lennar Homes. And now works to create thoughtful communities throughout California that incorporate schools, amphitheaters, hiking trails, and cafes – a true neighborhood.

Scheduled to release their first model homes at the end of Spring 2021, find out here what makes it so special. Why live here? What plans are they offering? And more!

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p.s. Here is a little bit about the wonderful quality of life here in Santa Clarita!