Community Amenities

Technologically Enhanced Homes and Community

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Every Home will have a charging station.
Charging stations throughout the entire neighborhood.

Solar Power
Electric School Busses
NEV – Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (similar to a golf cart) can be used to transport children to school or errands throughout the neighborhood.

Open Space

10,000 Acres

  • Confluence Park – the cornerstone of FivePoint Valencia
    • Recreational Community Building
    • Multiple Pools
    • Lounge Areas
    • Greenspace
    • Playgrounds
    • Neighborhood Garden
    • 50 Miles of Hiking Trails
    • …and more!

New Schools

7 New Schools

  • 5 elementary
  • 1 middle school
  • 1 high school


11.5 million sq feet commercial space, bringing jobs close to home


4 Fire Stations, 1 Police Station, 1 Public Library


…and more info to come!